Our Loyalty Program

The True Plan  –  two quality haircuts per month: $56/Month
For men who get their haircut regularly, at least twice a month, the True Plan saves you money.

True Premier  Plan – two  haircuts & a shave per month:  $105/Month
For men who like a straight razor shave & get their hair cut frequently, the True Premier Plan is for you.

The Father / Son Plan – two haircuts each per month:  $105/Month
For father and 1st son who go to the Barbershop together – make it a father / son outing.

Take Five Plan  –  Good for five haircuts:  $132.00 or five shaves:  $160.00 
For men who don’t get their haircut regularly, but want to save money, then the Take Five Plan is for you.

Take Five for Boys (Under 14): Good for five haircuts: $108.00

Wedding Party Big Day – Haircut & Saves for Groomsmen: $63/each
Bring the groomsmen, his haircut is free with party of 4+ groomsmen haircut appointments